“I started consulting with Judith Berger many years ago. The tinctures she recommended were so effective I was able to avoid surgery my ob/gyn had suggested was my only option. I also worked closely with her during my pregnancy to ensure that my body would be prepared for childbirth. Now as I am entering the menopausal years I have turned to Judith once again. The medical knowledge she has acquired in her physician assistant training combined with her herbal approach to healing is quite empowering.  I find her to be thorough and professional with a personalized approach that is very rare these days. She is so calming and nurturing I want to take her home with me.”
-S. Weiss, New York City

“Judith Berger has totally changed my outlook on personal health. She taught me that every plant on our earth has qualities that can affect our health and well being all over every inch of our bodies. She helped me to look to the natural to cure health issues and with this helped me feel better in myself.   I feel more a part of the world and the circle of life.   I understand nutrition better and also my own body. I feel grateful that she has opened my eyes to life.”

-D. Wexler,  London

“Judith is careful, thorough, knowledgeable, and fascinating.   In the consultations, I found I could tell her all of my health issues from extremely minor discomforts to major concerns. Also I felt comfortable talking about intimacies of my emotional state with her, and I could bring in issues that I couldn’t quite categorize.   Through her deep understanding of the herbs, Judith took all these into account and gave me a range of advice that included practical information on one end, how to use the herbs effectively, and an understanding the healing process, which with herbs is quite different than with pharmaceutical medicine.

The herbs in her formulas have helped all my systems. They have healed, soothed and strengthened me (and I sneeze less). Judith mainly prescribes local plants so their taste and their smell is comforting.  I have leaned on the herbs for support and leaned on Judith to help. She has!”
-Rob S, New York/Paris